Pacific City, OR | A Quick Weekend Away

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Gordon and I took a quick couples weekend and we aren’t mad about it! It’s been….awhile since we’ve gone anywhere together or have even been alone together for longer than, what, 20 minutes this past year?! So when some dear friends offered to watch our kids for us so we could get away, we jumped at the chance. We knew we wanted to go somewhere close enough that would make the trip easy, but far enough away that would justify a few days. We decided on Pacific City, OR which is south of our beloved Oceanside and loved our quick 48 hours there!

We booked a room at Headlands Coastal Lodge and thoroughly loved our stay. It’s a smaller, upscale hotel right on the beach at Cape Kiwanda. I suppose it’s big for the city it’s in, but it was just the kind of place we were looking for. Our room was on the first floor that had a great view of the ocean and the cape.

We spent our time just taking our time doing whatever we wanted and enjoying the peace and quiet. We slept in, went to the gym in the hotel, walked on the beach, climbed some sand dunes, stayed up late eating ice cream and found some yummy restaurants. There really aren’t a lot of options to choose from, but here were our favorites:

Grateful Bread Bakery– we ate breakfast here two days in a row, that’s how good it was. Honestly, the biscuits were the best part. That and the french toast! Yum! I have never had such a delicious biscuit. We dined in the first morning and then called in our order the next and picked it up at their drive thru window.

The Riverhouse Nestucca– this is a seafood restaurant but we ordered burgers. Lololololol. Their burgers were fantastic! We got our order to go since they had reservations the entire evening and even though we ate our burgers and fries outside (and they got cold real quick) they were still phenomenal. I’m not sure if that was my hunger talking or the fact that its been a while since I’ve had a big, decent burger but mama was it good. The fries were meh. The salad we got (just a basic mixed greens) was also amazing! The croutons with the pickled onions and the red wine dressing was all just so so good. Also, we did try the clam chowder and it was really really good, too!

Ben and Jeff’s Burgers and Tacos– We stopped here for a quick bite and weren’t disappointed. Everything we got was decent and good, plus the service was fast which we appreciated. I got the shrimp tacos and Gordon got the carne asada bowl. And, they had diet coke. (A lot of restaurants had pepsi which we weren’t too thrilled about.)

Cape Kiwanda Marketplace– this is a big shop that has souveniers, basic groceries, scoops of Tillamook ice cream (yes please!), saltwater taffy, fudge, fresh seafood plus a deli counter to get sandwiches and fries. It was really close to our hotel and was an easy stop to pick up treats and things.

Meridian– this restaurant was located in our hotel and for dinner on Friday night, we ordered room service. Gordon got a steak and I got a salad and crab cakes. The salad was beautiful (gorgeous, even!) but wasn’t that good. The crab cake was good and so was Gordon’s steak. Would probably have been better eaten fresh at the restaurant. Also had good clam chowder, though it was definitely better at The Riverhouse Nestucca.

salad on plate
steak on plate

Overall, it was a quick but much needed trip for us. You really don’t realize how much stress or weight you’re carrying until you don’t have to carry it anymore. It was nice to be able to set our everyday cares aside for 48 hours and just recharge our parental batteries.

If you’ve never been to Pacific City, its a really charming town and I really liked having a few restaurants to choose from, too. A fun stop about 30 minutes from Tillamook. We’ll be back with our kids later in the summer, I’m sure!

woman on beach
man on beach
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