Order now for St. Patrick’s Day: a feast from Robin Gill and Redbreast whiskey

Face facts, there’s absolutely no way that St. Patrick’s Day 2021 is going to be quite the craic that we’re used to. But is that going to stop us from celebrating the occasion? Er, what do you think? 

This year we’re going large in a different way. Cue the St. Patrick’s Day box from StarChefs. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s bursting with the best that Ireland has to offer on the taste front – we’re talking four courses of downright deliciousness from top Irish chef Robin Gill and drinks courtesy of one of our favourite Irish whiskies, Redbreast.

Beef and bone marrow pie with croissant pastry

On the menu: County Cork Gubbean and smoked haddock gougères, London-cured Secret Smokehouse salmon served with Robin’s soda bread with wild Atlantic seaweed butter, and fanfare please: the star of the show, a rich beef and bone marrow pie crowned with a luxurious croissant pastry. It’s a belt-buster of a dish, presented in a cast iron skillet and served with Kerrygold mashed potatoes and pot roasted cabbage with kale crisps on the side. Dessert? It would be rude not, particularly when it’s as tasty as Pump Street chocolate mousse with sea salt and Redbreast whiskey caramel.

Redbreast whiskey and Pump Street chocolate mousse, sea salt and whiskey caramel

There’s more Redbreast awesomeness where that came from. Thank goodness. We still remember the first time we tasted the 12 Year Old: sweet and spicy, rich and smooth, this single pot, triple distilled whiskey is lushness personified. Included in the SPD box is everything you need for two Old-Fashioneds each, as well as two drams of Redbreast 12 Years Old to round the sumptuous feast off with. As a bonus there’s a link to a specially curated playlist (Irish music obvs), and whiskey tasting tutorial between Robin and Redbreast’s ambassador, Ronan Collins.

Want in? We suggest placing your order for the St. Patrick’s Day box pronto. It’s priced at £150 for two people and is available for delivery between 17th and 20th March. Order from starchefs.co.uk

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