Ground Beef and Pork Burger Recipe (with Freakishly Good Homemade Mayo)

The best and easy to make ground beef and pork burger recipe! These homemade burgers are so juicy and meaty with the best homemade mayo that you have ever had on top!  Once you try these burgers, you will never buy store bought burger patties again.

Gourmet burgers made at home = huge summer bbq win!

a beef and pork burger in a bun with onions, pickles, bacon, tomato, lettuce and cheese!

Whats the best meat to use for burgers?

The best meat to use in this beef and pork burger recipe is:

For the Beef:  regular ground chuck. Don’t buy the lean ground, you want a decent amount of fat in the burgers.  Look for an 80/20 mix of meat and fat.

You can also use ground sirloin or ground sirlon for extra beefy flavor, but they are more lean so you will want to mix in some fatty meat as well.

For the Pork: regular ground pork.  Not ground sausage!  You just want plain ground pork.  Again, not too lean.  Fat equals flavor and will keep your burgers super juicy!

Should you put breadcrumbs in burgers?

Nope! No also to eggs, onions, or any other veggies.

We used to make our home made burger patties with bread crumbs, egg, and spices, but we saw a show on the Food Network about burgers being the best with only meat and seasoning and said that anything else was meatloaf, not a burger.  Which is actually pretty accurate lol.

We gave it a shot and we will never go back to using anything but just meat and seasonings in our homemade burger recipe.  It tastes so delicious and meaty and we think it goes the best with all the toppings and sauce.   You just need to remember to liberally season the patties with salt and pepper.

Whats fat percentage is best for burgers?

80% lean protein and 20% fat is the best meat to fat ratio for burgers. More fat than that and the burgers will shrink excessively, less fat than that and the burgers will be dry and not juicy.

burger with the bun top leaning against it and melted cheese on top

Tools You Will Need

  1. Burger Press – make perfectly formed burgers of specific sizes with this tool.  Debbie’s got one and I need to get myself one.  I love hers.
  2. Lodge Cast Iron Griddle – I have this exact reversible grill pan.  Heats up like a hot damn and cleans like a breeze.  I love how it gets crispy bits all over the burgers when I use the flat side.  Way cheaper on Amazon than what I paid (just FYI).  I paid $75 for mine…
  3. Le Cruset Cast Iron Griddle – this is the grill pan we are coveting.  Its reversible too and also enameled.
  4. Cast Iron Scrapers – these tools are indispensable if you use cast iron regularly.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine.  The make clean up so much easier.
  5. Food Processor or Blender – you need one of these to make the homemade mayo.  Either works.

How to Make the Burger Patties

Fresh ground meat is the best for burgers.  You want to see the strains of ground meat in your package.  Don’t use meat that has been stuffed into a bag, it will be too dense for a perfect juicy and tender burger.  If you can grind your own meat, its even better.

When you mix the beef and pork together, mix gently and only just enough.

Debbie has this awesome little tool for making burger patties.  It measures o

ut the patty in 1/4 lb, 1/3 lb and 1/2 lb measurements so you know your patties are all the same size.  If your like me and you like things to be even, or if your like Debbie and need every kitchen gadget you can get your hands on, then you need one of these!

But still remember to BE GENTLE when you press your burgers into patties.

Seasonings for Burger Patties

Only salt and black pepper makes the best meaty tasting burger!  Use salt liberally.

How to Cook Burgers

You can cook them on a hot bbq grill and that will taste great, but our favorite way to cook burgers is on a flat cast iron grill.  You can use it on the BBQ or on the stove.  Either way the pan or BBQ needs to be hot hot hot! With a hot flat grill, the burger will get these delicious charred crunchy bits that just make your homemade burgers amazing.

  • Put the burger on the hot pan and leave it alone till the top turns purple and the fat and juices start to come up on the top. This will take about 5 mins.
  • Then flip only once.
  • Don’t push the burger down on the pan or grill!  That will literally squish out the juiciness.
  • Cook for another 4 or so mins.

The best way to eat a pork and beef burger is cooked to medium.  Just a tiny tiny bit pink in the middle.  Not completely well done.

How Can You Tell They Are Done

There are a few ways to tell that your burgers are done:

  • the best way: use a meat thermometer and cook until the temperature reaches 150 degrees F.
  • you can feel the burger and if it feels more firm than soft, its likely done.
  • cut it open and look for just a slight touch of pink.  Or no pink at all if you like your burgers well done.

We prefer to use a meat thermometer because its accurate without cutting into the burger. Cutting into the burger causes the juices to run out.

burger cut in half to show all the goodness inside

Tips for the Best Burger

  • Prepare your buns and toppings first.  Then cook the burgers.
  • Do not overwork your meat.
  • Make an indentation in the center with your thumb to stop it from doming in the center.
  • Season patties generously with salt and pepper just before you cook them.
  • Don’t overcook them! This is why a meat thermometer comes in very handy.

The Best Burger

our opinion, the best burger bus are either brioche buns, pretzel buns or
potato buns. Its best to buy them as fresh as you can from your local bakery or
you can try making them at home! Debbie often makes ours and they are so good.
Here are a couple recipes:

Best Burger

love our burgers with cheese, onions, tomato, pickles, lettuce, a kick ass
burger sauce, and maybe a little mustard.  We also like bacon on our
burgers.  But your burger could have any of these:

  • mayo, mustard, or ketchup
  • crispy lettuce
  • tomato slices – beefsteaks are
    the best in our opinion
  • dill pickles or sweet pickles
  • sliced raw onions
  • caramelized onions
  • sauteed mushrooms
  • cheese of any kind
  • crispy bacon slices
  • avocado

are your favorite toppings?  Have we missed them here?

How to Make
Homemade Mayonnaise

sauce that we made for these homemade burgers is the star of the show, after
the burgers themselves of course.  It’s so easy and you can flavor it
exactly the way you want to. I love a messy burger that’s got just enough
sauce, but not with tons of mayo, if you know what I mean, and this sauce makes
that happen. This is how you do it:

  • In a food processor or blender,
    combine the egg, lemon juice, mustard, garlic clove and process until nice and
  • With the food processor or
    blender running, pour in the oil in a very thin trickle until the mixture
    becomes thick.
  • Then pour it into a bowl and
    stir in the tomatoes, paprika, cajun spice and seasoning by hand.

It makes a burger sauce
that’s so much more flavorful than regular old mayo.

two burgers with all the toppings and fries on the side

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Recipes to Serve
with Your Burgers

If you’ve tried this homemade ground beef and pork burger recipe then don’t forget to rate the recipe and let us know how it turned out in the comments below.  We love hearing from you!

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Beef and Pork Homemade Burger Recipe with Freakishly Good Homemade Mayo

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The best and easy to make homemade burger recipe! Pork and beef burger patties that are so juicy and meaty with the best homemade mayo that you have ever had on top!  Once you try these burgers, you will never buy store bought burger patties again.
Course Burger, Main
Cuisine Canadian
Keyword beef and pork burger, burger recipe, homemade burger
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 8 burgers
Calories 433kcal
Author Julie & Debbie



  • 1 kg regular ground beef
  • 500 g regular ground pork
  • salt and pepper


  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 lemon juiced
  • 1 tbsp mustard
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp cajun spice
  • 1 tomato seeds removed and diced
  • 1 cup olive oil or MCT oil or avocado oil
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • tomato slices
  • pickles
  • bacon
  • onions
  • lettuce
  • mushrooms
  • cheese
  • banana peppers
  • hamburger buns



  • In a large bowl mix the two types of meats gently. Dont over mix them so they stay nice and juicy.
  • Form 8 large balls with the meat and then gently flatten into patties. If you have a burger maker tool, make the burgers about a generous 1/4 lb each.
  • Season well with salt and pepper.
  • Turn the BBQ on to about 450 degrees.  Place a cast iron flat grill on the BBQ.  When the BBQ is hot, cook the burgers on the flat grill about 4 mins on each side.  The internal temperature should be about 150 degrees when they are done. 
  • If you are putting cheese on the burgers put it on after about 3 mins on the second side and close the lid so the cheese melts.  Remove from the BBQ when the burgers are done.   If you can, let the burgers rest for 5 mins before serving. 


  • In a food processor, combine the egg, lemon juice, mustard, garlic clove and process until foamy.  With the food processor running, pour in the oil in a very thin trickle until the mixture becomes thick.  By hand, stir in the tomatoes, paprika, cajun spice and seasoning.


  • Place just a little sauce on the bottom bun, add all the toppings and the burger in whatever order you like and serve! 


Serving: 1burger patty – no bun or toppings | Calories: 433kcal | Protein: 33g | Fat: 31g | Saturated Fat: 12g | Cholesterol: 130mg | Sodium: 117mg | Potassium: 548mg | Vitamin C: 0.4mg | Calcium: 28mg | Iron: 3.2mg

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